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Hero Science Teacher Tackles Gunman at Indiana Middle School

In an amazing turn of events, on Friday morning, a science teacher at a suburban Indianapolis middle school managed to tackle a male student armed with two handguns. According to a student who witnessed the drama as it played out, he saw Jason Seaman, the hero-teacher, run towards the gunman student and tackle him to the ground, right after he had fired several shots into a classroom.

Speaking to reporters, the student hailed Seaman, who also dabbles as a football coach at the school, as a hero. He mentioned that as they hid at the back of the classroom behind some desks, Seaman was trying to mobilize them to leave the building as fast as they could while yelling out that someone should call 911.

At present, the alleged shooter is in police custody while a 13-year-old student and the hero-teacher, Seaman, are currently hospitalized with some gunshot wounds

Seaman was repeatedly shot three times, in the stomach, hip and the arm. Thanks to his efforts in protecting other students from bullet-harm, the former college football player has been hailed by many as a genuine hero.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Seaman communicated that despite the fact that he had been shot at, he was in pristine condition. He then went on to thank the students for their wonderful support and cited that they were the primary reason why he taught.


The latest school shooting incident is the 17th this year and the 4th this month

Karen Cantor-Reyes, a seventh-grader at the school was quizzed by reporters what he thought of Seaman’s selfless act. Cantor-Reyes replied by saying that words couldn’t describe his appreciation for Seaman’s efforts because it was an astounding act of caring.

Police reports indicate that the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School transpired around 9 a.m. on Friday. The records show that only Seaman and a 13-year-old girl were injured during the gun attack. Another student, who sought anonymity mentioned that were it not for the teacher’s actions, there would have been a mass tragedy.

Jeremy Seaman, brother to Seaman, communicated to reporters gathered at the hospital that Seaman had undergone surgery after he was shot three times. He went on to add that after the surgery, Seaman had spoken with his wife after regaining consciousness assuring her that he was in mint condition.

In addition to the provided information, Jeremy Seaman, who now resides in Arizona, stated that his brother has never been one to shy away from confrontation, going back to his days as a football player in the defensive end of the team.

Danielle Sirilla, the Indiana University Health spokesperson shared that the teacher had been rushed to the IU Health Methodist Hospital and the wounded student was taken to Riley Hospital for Children.


oblesville, just 20 miles northeast of Indianapolis, is home to about 50,000 people. The middle school is attended by about 1,300 students in grades 6-8

The latest shooting comes just a week after there was another high school gun attack in Santa Fe, Texas that led to the death of two teachers and eight students. Notably, the attack came months after 17 students and teachers succumbed to shootings in Parkland, Florida. Following the Florida attack, students from the school and others throughout the country began to demonstrate as they made public their desire for the implementation of added restrictions on guns access.

Right after the Indiana gun attack, students at the school were bused to the Noblesville High School gym where hundreds of parents and other family members rushed to retrieve them. Incredibly, the authorities referred to a prompt and heroic response without confirming the narrative that a teacher tackled a student or describing the role a resource officer stationed at the school played.

Dough Carter, the Indiana State Police Superintendent said that one day when the story comes to light in the public domain, citizens would be just as proud of praise his team played in the response.

Eric Holcomb, the Governor, who had just returned from a trip to Europe on Friday issued a statement that he and other state leaders were being briefed about the situation and that 100 state police officers were presented to work closely with local law enforcement agencies.

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