21 Hysterical Photos That Demonstrate Just How Hard it is to be Really Tall


There are definitely a lot of advantages to being super tall. Aside from being able to reach the top shelf without asking for help, tall people have a more dominant presence, improved field of vision and even higher salaries than their vertically challenged friends (seriously, it’s true).

On the other hand, there are a number of “down”-sides (ha.) to being tall that can make life harder. Here are 21 of them.

You don’t know what the top half of your face looks like. 1

Want a hot, relaxing bath? Too bad. 2

Sometimes even a plain old shower isn’t an option.

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Window seats don’t actually work. 4

Or any airplane seats, for that matter. 5

Or airplane bathrooms.6

You don’t fit into normal people’s cover photos. 


Bathroom stalls don’t really work so well. 8

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Or fitting rooms.9

You have to stand like this to write on normal people’s white boards. 10

You are never allowed to raise your hands if you’re wearing a dress. 11

When you sit, your pants ride all the way up your legs. 12

Dentist chairs don’t work so well. 


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Even regular beds don’t work so well. 14

Ceiling fans are dangerous.15

Everyone asks you if you play basketball.16

Everyone at concerts hates you.17

Stadium seating wasn’t built for people of your breed.18

You are always pushed into the back of the photo.19

Gas station key pads are a serious challenge. 20

This one speaks for itself.21