This Super-Mom Used Old Cardboard Boxes and Built Her Daughter THIS


If you’ve ever looked for the perfect gift for a little kid, you’ve probably stumbled upon the mini kitchens. They make the perfect gift for any kid who really wants to use a frying pan and a knife “just like mom and dad” but still isn’t quite there yet. There are all kinds of kid kitchens out there – some more impressive than others – but we’re pretty sure we’ve found the coolest one yet. And the best part? It’s the DIY kind.

Rodessa Villanueva is a mom in the Philippines who used nothing more than a bunch of cardboard boxes, some paint and a ton of creativity to build her daughter a dream kitchen. She uploaded the photos to Facebook and landed herself tens of thousands of “likes” and shares. And we’re pretty sure the biggest “like” came from her daughter Audrey. Check it out:

She started by arranging the cartons in the general shape of the kitchen she wanted to build. 1

Next, she cut out doors for the oven, cabinets and fridge. 2

Then she added stickers and vinyl to make the countertops. 3

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And in order to make it even cooler, she added a stunning paint-job and some toys from around the house to make it look super homey.  4

She made the “sink” out of a standard baking pan.  5

And the tap? It’s a soap pump. 6


The dials on the oven? They’re jar tops 🙂 8

She even made an adorable sign for Audrey’s café 🙂  9We didn’t ask Audrey but it looks to us like her mom is probably “Mom of the Year”. 

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