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A Female Tourist Got Kidnapped After Landing in Bangkok Airport!

We all dream of traveling around the world while we’re still young and able. That’s why we see to it that we allocate a portion of our savings for traveling. We love discovering new places and communicating with new people. However, this supposed “dream travel” became a “nightmare” for this tourist who got kidnapped moments after stepping foot off her flight!

A Horrifying Moment

The 39-year-old woman named Jincai Chen landed at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand after her short flight from Hong Kong last May 6. She didn’t expect to be trailed by four men and one woman moments after she had taken off from her flight. The installed CCTV in the airport showed Mrs. Chen tussling with two members of the gang who held her arms while another man in a red shirt walked a few distances ahead.

The kidnappers then ushered her through security checks when the other two men clad in black joined the group when the woman went to the luggage carousel. The three men were identified as Chinese men, while the woman was a Thai

They contacted her husband for ransom, demanding 10 million (232,000 pounds). The husband handed over the cash afterward. However, the kidnappers dared to demand another 5 million Baht (116,000 pounds). This time, the husband refused to pay any further and called the police for help. The gang finally released Mrs. Chen on May 19, 13 days after her captivity when they dumped her on the roadside in Bang Na, a district in Bangkok.

An Inside Job?

Surachate Hakparn, who is a Thai Police Major General, led the investigation and they identified the Thai woman as Wansikan Termthanapat. Aside from the five members who abducted Mrs. Chen, Ten other Thais, including a Police Senior Sergeant Major who works in the Airport’s Immigration Police Office, were also involved in the planned abduction.

Major General Hakparn stated they have already issued an arrest warrant for the four Chinese suspects, who already fled from Thailand after they conducted the crime

He also promised Mrs. Chen that they’ll track down all the suspects and make them pay for the crimes they committed. They first received the complaint on May 18 from Han Young Lim, Jincai’s husband who is a half Chinese and Korean with a Tanzanian nationality.

Han told the police officers he already paid 10 million baht for ransom to release his wife, but they demanded more money. Based on the CCTV footage they obtained, General Hakparn tracked the suspects who fled to various hotels in Rayong, Pattaya, and Bangkok.

A Manhunt Operation

Mrs. Chen met and talked with the police after the gang released her from captivity. She gave them all the information and details the police needed to launch an intense investigation against the gang

Police Major General Surachate also said that the police immigration officers involved in the May 18 incident will be hunted down as they launched a nationwide operation to pursue the gang. They will also try reclaiming the ransom money Mrs. Chen and her husband paid. This isn’t the first time that the Suvarnabhumi Airport has been hit with massive scandals.

Last April, a 25-year-old airport security officer named Thanat Rattana got fired after the police caught her stealing a bundle of cash from an unnamed 89-year-old tourist. Meanwhile, the 26-year-old security guard Busakorn Somkwamdee was also caught in the same month for stealing a case from a passenger’s handbag when it went through the X-ray machine.

Seeing as this airport is the 20th busiest in the world, it’s about high time for them to address these security breaches to ensure the safety of more than 60 million passengers walking inside the airport.

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