This is What Happens When You Mix Milk and Coke


They might sit next to each other in the fridge door but as any sane person knows, never the twain shall meet. Milk is milk and Coke is Coke. There is no situation in which the two should enter the same cup. Not even by accident. And we’re pretty sure you’ve never been bored enough to check what happens when they mix…

But alas, now you have no choice. Because we’ve mentioned it and now you’re curious. So stick around: 1

This guy pours milk into a 1/2 liter bottle of Coke, all the way up to the top. And yes, this looks gross.  2

Next, he lets the “drink” settle for 6 hours. 3

And this is how it looks: 4

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And up-close: 5 6

Or you can just watch the video: 


Now for an explanation: Coke is acidic – it has a pH between 2.5-4.5 (slightly above the pH of your stomach acid, in case you were wondering). Coke is so acidic it can take tarnish off metal and can even be used to degrease car engines. Essentially what happens in this video is that the phosphoric acid in the Coke attach to the proteins in the milk, making them heavier. They sink to the bottom leaving only the water of the two liquids at the top with all of the milk solids at the bottom.

Gross. We know. Cheers!

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