15 Dark Comics By Gypsie Raleigh That’ll Make You Think


Love has its good sides, which we all know well from romantic comedies or our own love lives. But as many of us know, love can have some uglier sides as well.

Illustrator Gypsie Raleigh, from Portland, Oregon, takes the word “love” on a creative journey to some not-so-beautiful corners. Expressions such as “love hurts”, “love kills”, “broken hearted”, “heavy hearted” and more are used as the central motif in Gypsie’s drawings and take center stage through her creative little characters, that, on first glance, look innocent enough. But we assure you, they’re not.

We collected 20 of Gypsie’s drawings for your enjoyment. Check out her Instagram if you want to see more (link is at the bottom of the post).

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And here’s the artist behind these illustrations.202Click here to see Gypsie Raleigh’s Instagram with many more illustrations.

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