There are plenty of wonderful stories about animals helping humans – seeing-eye dogs are perhaps the most well known. But this story is truly special: Alfie, a five-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux grew up with Mark, who is also five, in North Lancashire, Britain. Alfie would follow Mark everywhere just like any faithful pooch, but at a certain point, Mark’s parents noticed that the massive canine was doing something very odd: Alphie refused to leave his owner’s right-hand side. Just like a seeing-eye dog.

Mark’s parents started to suspect that something wasn’t quite right and took their son in to see an optometrist who immediately diagnosed little Mark with a vision problem known as a stigmatism which significantly impaired his vision on his right side. In order to fix the problem, Mark was given an eye patch to cover his healthy, left eye in order to strengthen his weak, right eye. The doctors said that if Alfie hadn’t noticed the issue when he did, Mark’s vision would have been impaired permanently and the condition could even have left him blind.

Mark’s mom says that Alfie has a natural ability to identify diseases. In the past, he had even found a malignant tumor in another dog’s leg.


It looks like Alfie is going to be getting a lot of treats from now on for his sight saving diagnosis.

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And now that we’ve proven that dogs are good for your health, we suggest you head out to the pound and adopt one.