Divine: 30 Japanese Desserts That Are Way Too Beautiful to Eat


Some time in the late 90s, Japanese food and culture swept through the West, bringing us the sushi craze that remains to this day. If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know that sushi isn’t the only perfectly aesthetic little creation to come out of that meticulous nation. Their desserts are a mix between artwork and toys and we’re pretty sure that even if they were mainstream in our neck of the woods, we’d have trouble sticking a fork into them and causing damage.

The website BoredPanda collected photos of some of the most impressive Japanese desserts they could find. Some of them are so beautiful that we’re pretty sure it took someone about 80 times as long to make them as it would take us to eat them. Almost all of them include gelatin, cats, flowers or some combination of the three. Oh, and tons of creativity.

Take a look:

Fondant cats trying to catch goldfish swimming in a gelatin aquarium.1 2

Bubble cakes 3 4

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Ochiwa lollipops  5

Lollipops that look like animals 6



A cat cake9

Cat doughnuts 10

A marshmallow cat floating in coffee 11

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Stunning flower gelatin cakes12



Flowery ice cream 15

Cat macaroons18

Bunny bread 19

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Cats resting under a traditional Japanese table 21

Teddybears and fruit 22

Glass gel cubes made out of gelatin 23

Fortune cookies with a cat inside 24

Hedgehog doughnuts 25

Flowery sweets with a dog paw print. 26

Cat tart 27

Teddy bear cookies hugging almonds. 28

Gelatin goldfish29

Cat Parfait  30

Other animals holding almonds32

Strawberries covered in macha tea 33

Deep-fried maple leaves 34

Gelatin night sky 35

A cat wearing a monkey suit. Oh, and it’s a macaroon.  36

A sweet bear hibernating in a cup of coffee.  37

A sakura tree inside a gelatin cone.38

A sweet little dog. 39