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The White House just Discovered a Growing Sinkhole in Its Lawn!

The prestigious White House serves as the official emblem of the United States. It is where the POTUS lives who lead America to become a great nation. However, it seems the White House faces an imminent hazard to present (and future) Presidents and its occupants when they discovered a sinkhole in one of its lawns, and it’s growing!

The First Discovered Sinkhole in the White House

A sinkhole appeared on the North Lawn, outside the White House press briefing room

The White House construction first started last in 1792 that served as the official residence of the past U.S. Presidents until 1800, where the British set it on fire in 1814. It was reconstructed thereafter but it doesn’t mean that the present-day, modern building we see today is free from any kinds of hazards.

Instead, even this iconic residency still deals with ants and cockroaches! But just this past weekend, Stephen Herman, a reporter from Voice of America, observed a sinkhole in the White House’s lawn. Herman continued that the sinkhole had gotten bigger from Sunday to Monday. It’s about a foot long where the second sinkhole opened up right next to the first one.

A City of Swamp

Some experts said that the sinkholes appearing in the White House were to be expected. In fact, it was bound to happen, especially since the Washington, DC, is built on a swamp. The city’s geographical location deals with issues such as “forebulge collapse.” This refers to a post-Ice Age condition predicting that a city built on a swamp will eventually sink as far as six inches for this century. More sinkholes have also opened up around the vicinity for the past few years. In fact, a school bus got swallowed by a sinkhole last year in Northwest, DC. And just this March, two residents were forced to abandon their houses in Northeast, DC, due to the danger it imposed.

Sinkholes happen when the rainwater seeps into the soil, causing the ground to loosen its sediments to sink its crevices beneath the ground. It’s known to swallow cars, streets, and even homes

It remains unclear the cause of sinkhole emergence in the White House. But the National Park Service stated in a tweet that it’s likely due to the recent spate of rain that happened in Washington, DC. Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles, the NPS Spokeswoman, also states that the organization doesn’t believe the discovered sinkhole poses any risk to the White House, nor is it a representative of a bigger problem. Furthermore, the NPS has been actively monitoring the situation.

They have also deployed additional experts to assess the decision to determine the best remedy for the said problem. Last Tuesday afternoon, the garden keepers placed caution tapes and orange cones around the North lawn where the sinkhole emerged. They covered it all together later on.


This issue certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the public, despite the quick cover-up the White House made. Some citizens took to Twitter to express their bizarre theories. A Twitter user named Jeff Urbanchuk, for example, tweeted that the sinkhole may be a sign of an existential and deeper meaning to all.

For the past few days, the hashtag #TeamSinkHole had trended on Twitter due to the number of users tweeting about the topic

Of course, they also noted how this wasn’t the first time that a sinkhole appeared in one of Trump’s residences. Exactly a year ago, another sinkhole appeared in front of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. The said hole was about 4×4 feet, which was quite a bit larger than the White House counterpart. The officials blamed it to the widening ditch of a newly installed water main around the area.

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