After This Man’s Doctor Told Him That He Was Going to Die, He Adopted a Dog and Then This Happened


Adopting a shelter dog is an incredible experience for everyone involved. The dog gets a second chance and you get a best friend. But in some cases, that dog can become more than just a friend or companion, and like in this next case, the dog just might rescue you.

In 2010, Eric O’Grey was 51 years old and suffering from morbid obesity as well as a number of conditions that often come along with carrying so much extra weight, including type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. His doctor told him that if he didn’t make a change, he could expect to die within the next five years. Eric had tried every diet and gimmick there was and decided to try one more thing before undergoing invasive bariatric surgery. He contacted a plant-based naturopath. His first recommendation? He told Eric to go down to the shelter and adopt a dog and the rest? The rest is history. Check it out.

If that doesn’t convince you to head down to the shelter and adopt a friend, we’re not sure what will.