24 Photos of Surprising and Sweet Friendships Throughout the Animal Kingdown


While humans are known to have strong bonds that cross species barriers, the hierarchy and the food chain that exist in the animal kingdom prevent it from happening elsewhere. It would be hard to imagine a bird and a monkey being buddies, or a hippo and a turtle. But sometimes, two animals from different evolutionary trees reach across the branches and make a friend.

This next series of photos shows just that – animals that have found themselves a BFF with feathers or fur, scales or a snout from across the animal kingdom. Take a look.

1. After spending time together in their owner’s house, this dog and this crow decided they liked each other. The crow spends so much time on the dog’s back that their owner decided to build a special harness with a perch for the pair. 

A mynah and a dog are a pair of inseparable friends, and to allow stay together every minute, the owner even made a perch on the dog for the mynah. The pet pair always attracts fans once they walk out in Jinan, northern China's Shandong Province.

2. A black swan feeding fish. 

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3. The fawn and the little wild cat were saved from a forest fire and became fast friends. 

4. This cat and duck pair were adopted together by the same family.

5. This sweet little macau monkey and this white pigeon live together in a nature conservation center in China. They ate, played and slept together until they were each released back into the wild. 

6. A family adopted a cheetah cub after he was abandoned. He grew up alongside the family dog and they’ve been inseparable ever since. 

7. A five week old wild boar playing with Candy, a jack russel terrier in Germany. 

8. In the cartoons, it’s usually a bird on the hippos back. But not this time. At the Rhinoceros and Lion Animal Reserve in South Africa, the goat managed to hop the fence that separated between the two creatures and become fast friends. 

9. Yohan the cat and Soov the iguana were rescued by a woman in Brooklyn. Every time Soov leaves his cage, he looks for a little quality time with Yohan. Sometimes the family’s bunny joins in too. 

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10. A hippo pup was swept up by a tsunami. He was rescued and placed in an animal reserve where he made friends with a 130 year old turtle. 

11. Koko is the famous gorilla that could speak sign language. She asked for a kitten for her birthday which wasn’t a surprise since her two favorite books were about cats. She was very satisfied with her gift as you can see from the picture.

12. This story fall under the category of: “OMG how is this even possible”. A lioness adopted an antelope baby after killing its mom.  
She tried to return the pup to its herd but scared off the antelopes every time she came near so she continued to take care of the creature. 

13. This next story sounds like a weird joke: a lion, a bear and a tiger grew up together in a place called “Noah’s Ark” and today they play together, sleep together and chase each other. Harmony. 

14. A wonderful friendship between a giraffe and an ostrich in Busch Gardens, Florida. 

15. Here’s another story that fits in the OMG category – an antelope cub left behind by its herd sat in front of two cheetahs who played with him gently and left him alone as soon as they got bored. 

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16. After two owls hatched in the nature reserve, the park ranger…or rather his dog…adopted the fluffy little birds. 

17. This cat is not only friends with the family’s blind dog…he is the dog’s seeing-eye cat, helping him find his food and water, offering the dog toys and leading him around the house. 

19. This street cat found a new friend: He got into the cage of the Asian bear in the Berlin zoo and would come back and visit periodically over the course of years.  

20. A cat and a fox were found sharing a fish and playing by a fisherman in Turkey. 

21. At the Tiger Center in South Carolina, a chimpanzee adopted a tiger cub after it was separated from its mother. 

22. Hudson Bay, Canada – A polar bear found a sleigh dog and instead of eating him, played with him and even came back to visit a few times. 

23. A dog and an owl became friends. 

24. Who said that the biggest enemies can’t be friends?

25. This may be one of the more adorable families we’ve ever seen. 
23 24

And some more photos that show inter-species friendships.