21 Things That You Have to Buy Once You Are Filthy Rich


What will you do if you get rich? No but like really rich. We’re talking like if a billion dollars falls in your lap or if that start-up you threw together in college suddenly makes a crazy exit. What will you do after you have a private jet and you’ve travelled the world and you’ve bought a baseball team and all that? Okay, we’ll tell you what you’ll do. You’ll buy lots of crazy crap for your huge house. Don’t worry. We’re not judging.

So we’ve collected a few of our favorite things that we definitely think you should get for your crazy house. Good luck and happy trails. Don’t forget to invite us over when it happens.

A tree house.1

A hanging couchy sofa thing. 2

A hidden water slide in your bedroom.3

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A fireplace/movie theater situation 4

A night-sky sleeping pod 5

A handing hammock suspended above your private lake  7

A bedroom with walls that open up to nature 8

A giant Moroccan lantern 9

A pool inside and outside your house 10

A cat highway 11

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This. 12

A library with a secret door. 13

A bathroom with a glass floor suspended above an elevator shaft 14

A secret carpark. Aesthetic and secure.  15

A complex aquarium. 16

Your own private island. 18

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A cement mixer that doubles as a disco ball. For really big parties. 19

A bedroom in nature. 20

A perfect winter getaway. 21

A serious selection of wines. 22

A fireplace that separates your bedroom from your bathroom and heats both.  23