This Ingenious Lady Built Her Home Out Of Shipping Containers – And It Looks Amazing


In the last few years, high costs of living combined with the rising price of construction materials, has motivated house builders to explore new and creative ways of high quality, low cost construction.

Claudie ubreuil from the Canadian province of Quebec could not afford to build her dream home from conventional building materials, that is why she decided to build it out of recycled shipping containers.


Claudie contacted a company that specializes in repurposing shipping containers to produce the outer shell. Two weeks later the containers have arrived on her property, and after only 24 hours the frame was assembled. Later, wood paneling would be added to form the house’s casing.

The interior of the house is warm and well lit

The large front window creates a feeling of open space that fits nicely with the containers metal walls
%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-4A spiral staircase connects the different levels of the house

%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-5The kitchen is fully equipped, with a dishwasher, oven and extractor hood.
%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-6%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-7The bath room also has a rustic design
%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-8The top floor is designed like a studio apartment including a double bed, open shower and a dreamy bathtub
%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-9 %d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-10 %d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-11The most important element of a good house is a big terrace, the terrace in Claudie’s container house also comes with an open air shower%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-13

The spacious study maintains the original color of the steel walls
%d7%91%d7%99%d7%aa-%d7%9e%d7%9e%d7%9b%d7%95%d7%9c%d7%95%d7%aa-12A final look at the completed house

If you enjoyed this article, you should note that building with shipping containers is growing in popularity worldwide, mainly because of low building cost that could be as much as 80% lower than normal construction materials.

Source: suburbanmen

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