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Where’s the First Lady? Melania Trump Goes MIA for Two Whole Weeks!

For the past two weeks, the First Lady Melania Trump has not seen by the public. Since she returned home from the hospital last Saturday, she has mysteriously stayed off the radar. And the public couldn’t help but worry about her health and whereabouts, even if the President himself insists she’s still right there!

Melania’s Mysterious Whereabouts

Melania Trump was last seen last May 10, 2018, when she stood next to the President to welcome three Americans home at Joint Base Andrews. Four days later, the public was in shock when her office made a surprise announcement stating that Melania had undergone a successful medical procedure named “embolization” to treat her benign kidney condition.

Her office was also ecstatic to say that there were no complications after she’d undergone the procedure. Although she still has to remain hospitalized for the rest of the week.

The First Lady spent the week at Walter Reed National Military Center in Bethesda, Maryland

Fortunately, she returned home last May 19. However, she was still out of the spotlight this week. And the public couldn’t help but speculate about this “unusual long absence” as the First Lady. The White House declined to elaborate on the First Lady’s condition.

An Unusual Case

A medical professor of University of Louisville School of Medicine, Dr. Eleanor D. Lederer, found it unusual the First Lady had to be hospitalized for a week, especially since embolization is an outpatient procedure. She just had to go in, undergone the procedure, lie in bed for a while until the blood vessels stopped bleeding, and then she could go home in a day or two.

However, Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, a professor of radiology and urology in Dallas, Texas, argued that Melania’s hospitalization was likely extended due to her delicate position as the nation’s First Lady. Her attending physicians must ensure she’s well before they discharged her from the hospital.

The Assurance

While she’s under no obligation to make their health and medical background public, President Trump tried to assure the reporters that his wife is now doing fine and had fully recovered. In an interview last Friday, Trump said that his wife was doing great, and she’s even close to the reporters who have gathered around him. He then pointed at her and told the reporters she’s “looking at us, right here.” However, the reporters saw no sign of the First Lady when they turned around and their vision followed his outstretched finger.

President Trump made the statement as he prepared to board Marine One bound to Annapolis, Maryland. Trump had attended the graduation ceremony of U.S. Naval Academy last Friday

Aside from the President, Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokeswoman, stated that the First Lady is doing very well right now. The reason why she’s not out in the public yet is that she and her staff have been busy participating in various internal meetings to plan upcoming events. However, Grisham failed to specify when she would be seen in public again.

Dismissing the Speculations

Due to her continued absences, some people couldn’t help but formulate theories on social media about her disappearance. One social media user wondered if Melania had moved back to Trump Tower in New York, while another user wondered if the First Lady is cooperating with the Russian Probe. One concerned citizen also asked if her health is in jeopardy, or if Melania entered a witness protection program, and the list goes on.

Mrs. Trump finally broke her silence and dismissed all these speculations when she tweeted last Wednesday. She said she was feeling great, and thanked everyone who prayed for her. She also claimed she was at the White House right now, working hard for every American family and their children

She published her tweet just in time for her husband to participate in a White House event to promote youth fitness and sports. The said event was supposed to be attended for the First Lady. However, President Trump attended the event together with Ivanka Trump, his daughter and señior adviser to welcome the athletes at the South Lawn.

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