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Nikki Haley Walked Out from U.N. Security Council After Palestinian Deaths in Gaza

Israel and the United States came under fire when Israel resorted to using live ammunition to attack the Palestinians who protested at the Gaza border. The death toll rose up to 60 as of last Monday’s shootings. Meanwhile, United Nations has recorded a total of 112 casualties for the past six weeks as tension between the two continues to escalate.

No Sufficient Grounds

Ruper Colville, who is the U.N.’s human rights spokesman, condemned Israel for resorting to lethal force. He stated that a country only used this measure as the “last resort” when there’s immediate threat of serious injury or life. However, the Palestinian’s attempt to cross a border fence to stop the transferring and opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem did not justify the use of deadly force. He claimed there were no sufficient grounds to retaliate with a violent attack.

Colville said that thousands of Palestinians had already been wounded, including an innocent baby who was just 8-months old

This prompted the U.N. Security Council to conduct a security emergency meeting with Israel and the United States to address the issue. The U.S. ambassador to United Nations, Nikki Haley attended the meeting and both countries defended that Israel had acted with restraint. She also dismissed speculations that the violence was related to the opening ceremony of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

No Regrets

If anything, she told the Security Council that the Hamas was to be blamed for the violence that erupted. The militant group was allegedly backed by Iran and she pointed the Molotov cocktails flown into Israel via kites. This caused Israel to strike back to defend their country.

Haley also asked the members of the meeting if anyone would accept such activity to happen in their own respective borders. She said no one would, so no one would also act with more exercised restraint than what Israel had done

Although Haley failed to mention the Israeli snipers and soldiers who fired at the Palestinian protesters, nor the rise of death toll since the attack last Monday. Less than two hours later, Riyad Mansour, the Permanent Observer of Palestine to the U.N., was about to give his speech when Haley did something unthinkable. She walked out from the meeting!

A Hamas Propaganda?

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration backed Israel’s retaliatory attack last Monday, which yielded the highest death toll recorded in a single attack since 2014. The Israeli forces dropped drones which contained tear gas while the soldiers fired at the Protesters last Monday. Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, released a statement calling the protesters “part of the problem and not a solution”.

Kushner’s family has longtime ties and connection with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister

Raj Shah, the White House Deputy Press Secretary also released a statement a few hours after Kushner’s speech stating the Palestinian deaths last Monday were an unfortunate propaganda attempt established by the Hamas.

The tension first rose when Trump announced its intention to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The said plan was condemned not only by the Palestinian leaders but other world leaders as well. By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump is taking Israel’s side against the Palestinians. And the latter claimed that the U.S. cannot become an honest peace negotiator with their biased views.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Jerusalem is a sacred land that gave birth to three religions namely: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This was where King Solomon built the first Jewish temple, where Christ was crucified and died, and finally, where Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven. Both nations have been at war, claiming that Jerusalem, as well as East Jerusalem, are theirs. Peace talks have been ongoing for long decades to settle the dispute of the holy land.

More than that, the protesters in Gaza claimed their protest was more than just the embassy move. If anything, the Palestinians are conducting a “March of Return” protests which started on March 30 around the border fence.

They demand their right to return to their homeland and be reunited with their families since 1948. The East Jerusalem has been under the Israeli occupation since 1967. While the international community recognized the city as the future capital of Palestinian state. Ahmad Abu Artema, who is a 33-year-old organizer of the said protest, claimed that they are just here to reclaim their life, their dignity, their human rights, their home, and their freedom.

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