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Most Memorable Moments In FIFA World Cup History

Football fans around the globe are in for a great treat this summer, with 32 best teams meeting for the FIFA World Cup in June and July 2018. Social media are already abuzz with expectation of the great football event, and companies worldwide compete for their social media marketing share. As one of the most popular sporting events, World Cup has been collecting true gems over the years. Organized every four years since 1930, it has a long legacy and saw some of the greatest footballers and sides in the history. With remarkable and memorable moments in abundance, we’ve now shortlisted our favorite scenes that have marked the eras behind us – from controversy to chills that only such a big competitions can give, let’s rewind and get ready for the trip to Russia.

The African Wonder, 1990

When Central African country Cameroon made it to the 1990 World Cup in Italy, many were shocked. People didn’t believe they could make an impact and disregarded their skills. However, fans were in for a great treat as the Cameroonians beat Argentina by 1-0, where a single goal was enough to beat the World Cup 1986 title and create one of the finest moments in African football history. The African team not only gained mileage but also a lot of money, we assume.

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