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Trump Sensationally Cancelled the Singapore Summit in Letter to Kim Jong Un

Last week, news broke that President Donald Trump was not expected to meet up with his North Korean counterpart, leader Kim Jon Un. This was despite elaborate plans having been made for the two leaders to chit-chat and plot the way forward.

With chagrin, Trump wrote in the letter that the June 12 Singapore meeting with North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, was off

In a letter addressed to Kim Jong Un, Trump scrapped the plans for what would have been a historic diplomatic summit. The White House made the news public as the president made an appearance from the Roosevelt Room.

Trump mentioned that the decision was going to be a tremendous setback. In addition, he added that should North Korea take any “foolish and reckless” action, the US military was ready to act. He mentioned that the US military had recently been enhanced and being the most powerful anywhere in the world, would be prepared to deal with any potential threats.

Despite the threat, he left an open door in hopes to renew the diplomatic that which had preceded the much-anticipated talks. Trump mentioned that if and when Kim Jong Un was ready to deliberate in constructive dialogue and actions, he would be waiting for the opportunity.

In the letter, Trump quipped that he had been very willing to meet up with Kim Jong Un, but, because of the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in the leader’s most recent statement, he felt that it would be inappropriate to proceed with the meeting as planned.

Plans Anew

Following the letter, diplomatic advances between the US and North Korea seem to have suffered a heavy blow. Prior to the cancelation, many expected the meeting to herald a new dawn in US-North Korea relations

At present, the détente between Washington and Pyongyang is in jeopardy. Instead, the strained relationship between the two countries that existed before Trump took mantles seems to be slowly creeping back. In the letter, Trump went back to the nuclear conversation many had hoped to never hear again.

Trump opined that while Kim spoke about their nuclear capabilities, America’s nuclear prowess was much more powerful that he would never wish them to be used anywhere in the world because of the great devastation it would leave in its wake. Despite the threat, Trump proceeded to signal that in the near future, he was still optimistic that he could meet up with Kim “someday,” without really mentioning when.

While all this was happening, North Korea was busy putting in place preliminary measure to begin its denuclearization program. Last Thursday, with invited journalists in attendance, the Kim Jong Un led North Korean regime seemed intent to destroy at least three nuclear tunnels, observation buildings, a metal foundry and some of the living quarters at its Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

Notably, no weapons inspectors or nonproliferation experts were in attendance to determine whether the explosions in the tunnels rendered them inoperable or they were simply PR stunts that left minimal damage.

The Scuffle

At present, both nations seem to have made peace and are ready to get back to discussions. This week on Tuesday, the White House mentioned that they still expect the meeting to happen in Singapore, just five days after Trump canceled the meeting

Trump’s withdrawal is said to have been spiked after a North Korean vice minister of foreign affairs labeled Vice President Mike Pence last week on Wednesday as a political dummy. This was the latest in a slew of harshly worded statements from Pyongyang, only this time, Trump and his entourage didn’t make take lightly.

According to multiple sources, Trump and his aides were infuriated by the statements made and wanted to respond forcefully. Less than a fortnight ago, North Korea had canceled a planned meeting with South Korea whilst threatening to pull out of the Singapore summit due to ongoing US-South Korean military exercises.

Despite the harsh undertones of the threat, Trump and his aides had decided to press on with making plans for the meetup. So committed were they to the event going down that military aides produced a commemorative coin that referred to Kim as the “Supreme Leader.”

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