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Netflix Subscribers to Boycott The Platform Over Obama Deal

For the past few months, there have been rumors that former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will embark on a new journey as actors to produce original movies and TV shows with Netflix. And now that the deal has been inked officially, some of its conservative subscribers threaten to boycott and cancel their subscriptions if the Obama deal will pull through.

The Netflix-Obama Deal

Last March 2018, the former first couple revealed they were meeting with Netflix executives to produce a critically-acclaimed TV series to highlight their inspirational stories worldwide. He also assured that the TV series wouldn’t tackle politics or any kind of propaganda to retaliate or criticize the Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama will use the TV series to share about her civic business as well as her philanthropic advocacies. She also aims to provide tips about healthy living, featuring their brand endorsements, stories, and documentaries which align with the couple’s values and morals.

While Netflix didn’t specifically disclose the amount both parties agreed to ink the deal, it’s said to be a star-studded 9-Figure deal, considering Netflix’s previous astounding $300 million deal with Ryan Murphy

A few months later, the Netflix Management made a formal announcement last Monday that they had formed a “storytelling partnership” together with the former first couple. The multi-year deal gives the Obama the rights to produce any content, be it in a form of featured stories, scripted, series, and even documentaries. The Former President also issued a statement confirming the said deal, and that he hopes to create voices to cultivate and inspire people in the world.

The Backlash

Meanwhile, Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Content Chief shared how excited they are to produce Obama’s content. He said that the Obamas had a unique position to highlight inspirational stories from people who make a significant difference and contribution to their communities in an effort to change the world to become a better place. Before the Obamas embark on their journey as new actors and actresses, the couple has written books and memoirs together while they keep a low profile after their White House exit. Mr. Obama received more than $60 million based on the publisher’s proposed deal.

Some users even posted screenshots of their Netflix account with cancellation confirmation pages.

After Netflix had made the formal announcement, a growing number of Netflix users weren’t pleased about the said deal. They expressed their displeasure on Twitter, stating that Netflix is turning into a political platform. Another Twitter user wrote how it was unfortunate he had to cancel the subscription, considering he likes Netflix.

But after the said deal, he couldn’t help but cancel his subscription due to their biased political views. He maintained that Netflix should remain neutral and just focus on delivering creative content to entertain their subscribers.

Netflix Controversies

This isn’t the first time Netflix received backlash from its conservative users. Last March, the users also criticized Netflix for hiring Susan Rice, who was Obama’s UN Ambassador before, to join its board of directors. The users recalled how they were enraged with Rice’s inaccurate statements in 2012 following the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Rice currently serves as a board member with Hastings, Anne Sweeney, Netflix’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Leslie Kilgore, and Ann Mather.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is also known as a critic of President Donald Trump

Furthermore, Hastings endorsed Hillary Clinton in the last 2016 US Presidential elections, stating that Trump may ruin America’s greatness. He emphasized that what the nation needed was a strong leader like Hillary Clinton. The media had tried asking for Netflix’ side, but they declined to comment as of this writing.

Instead, Netflix said the Twitter complaints didn’t mean it would convert to subscription loss. Considering Netflix has over 125 million subscribers worldwide, the number of cancellations may not create a huge impact on Netflix’s sales.

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