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Netflix Renewed 13 Reasons Why for a Third Season!

The phenomenal hit 13 Reasons Why tv series has been renewed by Netflix for a Third season, according to BuzzFeed last Wednesday. The great news comes shortly after the Second Season premiered last month. Note: Make sure you’ve watched the first two seasons first before reading this article as it may contain major spoilers.

Where it Left Off

Season 3 will continue with everyone dealing with the fallout of Hannah’s suicide. Her parents, Andy Baker (Brian d’Arcy James) and Olivia Baker (played by Kate Walsh), sued the Liberty High School for their negligence.

This put many students in a tight spot that caused them to recall the events of Hannah’s life and eventual death. Her classmates reminisced about her struggles, especially the toll it took on her when her parents got separated and were no longer living together.

The phenomenal tv series 13 Reasons Why was based on the bestselling book written by Jay Asher, of the same title

Meanwhile, Jessica Davis (played by Alisha Boe) also struggled with being mauled, which led her to report Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice) to the police. Walker then got arrested and sentenced with three months probation. Unfortunately, Jessica’s ex-boyfriend named Justin Foley(played by Brandon Flynn) was also involved in the crime by being an accessory. He also got arrested and demanded to serve for one month in a juvenile detention center.

A Controversial Renewal

Brian Yorkey will continue to lead as the series’ showrunner and will also executive produce the show along with Joy Gorman, Kristel Laiblin, Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez, Steve Golin, and Tom McCarthy. Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO, explained the controversial decision to bring back the show during the company’s shareholders’ meeting. He says that while the show remains controversial, nobody has to watch it.

The Season 3 Production will start in late 2018, so its loyal fans and viewers can expect the season to start streaming in 2019 according to Netflix

Meanwhile, Anonymous Content and Paramount TV will also produce the Season 3. The new season will contain 13 episodes, like the previous two seasons. Last May 25, Katherine Langford announced on her Instagram post that she won’t likely return to the show, just a week after the show premiered Season 2.

Thankful for the Opportunity

Image Caption: Katherine shared a photo of a board with Hannah Baker’s name as well as the messages they left for her. She also said how she was going to miss playing her role, but heavily hinted she won’t be returning for the upcoming season.

Katherine shared how she was grateful for 13 Reasons Why for giving her an opportunity to land her first ever job as an actress. She’s also thankful she’s able to tell Hannah’s story in season 1, and even more ecstatic when asked to be back for season 2.

She also expressed how the show would always have a special part in her life, regardless if Hannah would be there or not. Her role in 13 Reasons Why drives her to strive harder, and do her work more diligently to create a positive impact in whatever she does, whether in music, film or other forms of art.

Predictions for Season 3

While nothing is confirmed for season 3 yet (like the plot details, cast members, and narrative views), the fans speculated that the aftermath of Tyler Down’s (played by Devin Druid) assault at Monty de la Cruz (played by Timothy Granaderos) may also play a huge part of the narrative.

Meanwhile, the fans are interested to see how Chloe Rice (played by Anne Winters) copes up with her pregnancy crisis when her current boyfriend Bryce Walker just got convicted of assault against Jessica Davis.

At the last scene of the season 2, Clay was seen holding the weapon Tyler used for attempted school-shooting. While she was able to calm him down, will he be blamed and get sanctioned for bringing a dangerous weapon inside school premises? These are just some of the questions most fans want to be answered in the upcoming third season.

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