Most wedding photos can be pretty predictable, bridesmaids in matching dresses holding flowers, the best men in suites and underwear drinking beer, a sunset with the bride and groom posing for the camera and a lot of fake smiles. But sometimes a little love from Mother Nature meets a quick thinking photographer to create a magic moment.

This extraordinary photo by photographer Ian Christmann has left the couple with an unforgettable experience and made the newlyweds an online sensation.


This impossible photo first went viral on Reddit were it published by Christmanns sister with the title: “My brother shot a wedding this weekend, they had some unexpected guests.”

Christmann was busy taking photos at Lauren and Erick’s wedding reception when suddenly, as he writes in his blog, he spotted a small herd of deer at the age of the woods behind the house. Using some quick thinking Christmann rushed the couple out in the middle of the reception to maybe catch a photo. Even though they were afraid the deer would run away as they approached, the deer played along and posed for the photo creating this rare and wonderful shot

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Erick and Lauren in a more conventional wedding photo


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