Adidas Rejected This Guy’s Ad Idea and Then Realized Their HUGE Mistake


Eugene Merher, a 26-year-old theatre student, recently posted one of the best ads you will see this year. The concept and execution are brilliant and will drive you to tears. We have yet to meet someone who wasn’t moved by the short video, that is, except for the marketing executives at Adidas who managed to ignore Merher’s ad entirely.

The video tells the inspiring story of an older gentleman who was a competitive racer in his earlier days but currently lives in an old folks home, where he is frustrated and spends his day dreaming of being able to go out and run. But each time he tries, he gets stopped by the staff. That is, until his friends give him a hand.

During an interview with the Huffington Post, Eugene told them that he had sent his ad concept to Adidas and that they ignored him. But who cares what Adidas thinks? I mean, Merher’s video has more than five million views on Youtube. Check it out.

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