These Stunning Set Of Photos Document How A Child Is Born


Back in 1963 a young photographer named Lennart Nilsson decided to attempt a first of its kind photoshoot of a human pregnancy – from the inside. The revolutionary project, titled: ‘A child is born’ took over 12 years to accomplish, but the patience was worth it. The result, a stunning set of photos depicting the stages of pregnancy from the moment the sperm meets the ovule and until birth, was a breakthrough in macro photography and won Nilsson international fame.

In 1965 while Nilsson was working on his project, LIFE magazine published an article containing 16 of his photos entitled ‘The Drama of Life Before Birth’, The unique photos in the article led to all 8 Million copies of the magazine being sold out in just 4 days, and until this day this article is considered one of LIFE magazine’s top 3 stories, alongside the Kennedy assassination and the moon landing.

%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-16In order to achieve the stunning detail of his photos Nilsson used special macro lenses, Endoscopes, and Electron Microscopes to enlarge tiny sperm cells millions of times for the perfect picture.

In the same year LIFE magazine ran its article, Nilsson’s full book of pictures was first published with the appropriate name ‘A Child is Born‘. Ever since, and for 40 years the book has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide in over 20 countries, the book was published in 5 editions the latest of which in 2009. Here are some photos from the book

The moment when everything begin, the sperm is searching for the ovule
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-1First he must overcome millions of his colleagues
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-15So close!
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-2The moment of inception, the sperm enters the ovule%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-3One week later, the future baby is a clump of cells%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-4One month into the pregnancy the baby is a cute little shrimp

When the fetus is 5 weeks old, the mouth nostrils and eyelids begin to evolve
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-6After 8 weeks the fetus is already a small human %d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-7At 10 weeks the eyes have evolved

At the same time he begins to use his hands to explore his watery environment
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-9Early development of the feet, age: 16 weeks
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-1018 weeks, By now our fetus is taking up a lot of space
%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-11At 20 weeks, tiny hairs begin to appear%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-12Six months into the pregnancy%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%91%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-13Time for a nap, and some thumb sucking%d7%94%d7%a8%d7%99%d7%95%d7%9f-%d7%94%d7%aa%d7%9e%d7%95%d7%a0%d7%95%d7%aa-168 Monthes have passed, it’s time to get ready for the outside world
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